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([personal profile] eoywin Mar. 25th, 2009 01:47 pm)
So, I'm having a bad day - my migraine is out of control and Emily is very cranky.

Therefore - I'd like to have a friendzy - I could use some new lj friends as well.

Please send the shiny people from your f-list here please :D

From: [identity profile] popfiend.livejournal.com

I'm here as a result of the awesome [livejournal.com profile] jadecat.

I'm [livejournal.com profile] popfiend and people seem to like me.

I like to think it's because I care deeply and honestly and because I'm smart and funny.

But in reality, I'm a super dork: http://popfiend.livejournal.com/2709766.html

If you want to know more, you can ask the Jade Cat herself or peep my profile at http://popfiend.livejournal.com/profile - key historical posts are listed there.

- O.

From: [identity profile] kakiphony.livejournal.com

I think most of my friends with common interests are already your friends. But, do you use an RSS feed or google reader? I am addicted to google reader since it lets me read a ton of blogs all in one place, kind of like a f-list. If you're interested, I'd be happy to send you a list of the ones I read daily.

From: [identity profile] eoywin.livejournal.com

I haven't used either, but I'd be interested in checking it out

From: [identity profile] ayoub.livejournal.com

I come via [livejournal.com profile] jadecat...

I don't know if I'm shiny, but I love your icon here :D

I hope the migraine fades soon...

From: [identity profile] eoywin.livejournal.com

Thanks - that is my 5 month old daughter, Emily :D

And thanks - me too *L*

From: [identity profile] bernmarx.livejournal.com

Like, neovampire shiny? VAMPIRE! The Power of Christ compels you! The Power of Christ compels you!

Oh wait, that's for demonic possessions. What do you say for vampires?

(People can friend me if they want. I don't bite. BECAUSE I'M NOT A VAMPIRE!)

From: [identity profile] eoywin.livejournal.com

*L* Not that kind of shiny

I'm a Browncoat so I use the word shiny a lot *L*

And I don't think you say anything for vampires - you just try and stake them *L*

From: [identity profile] glowy-lovers.livejournal.com

I am here vis [livejournal.com profile] jadecat and would love to friend you we have a few interests in common and lots of friends in common. I'm from the UK and probably as mad as a hatter :))

From: [identity profile] devoosha.livejournal.com

Hello! devoosha here... :) I'm never good at these things. I'm not all that exciting...but I enjoy my little corner of LJ. I'm married, in my 30's, trying to conceive. I work at ESPN (which I don't like) and am trying to get into grad school (waiting on pins and needles for my acceptance letter) to find a new career path. My husband works at ESPN with me and he also doesn't like it and he's also trying to get into a new career.

I like books, crochet, books, cross stitch and books. And lots and lots of other things. Check the userinfo....that pretty much sums me up :)

From: [identity profile] eoywin.livejournal.com

Todd thinks you have the best job ever *L* of course, he looooves sports

From: [identity profile] devoosha.livejournal.com

Yeah...guys tend to be envious :) Getting paid to watch sports all day does seem like a dream job. Now...if I worked for HGTV...that would be mine! They don't pay enough though!

From: [identity profile] jenandbronze.livejournal.com

[livejournal.com profile] devoosha had sent me over, but the link she had was broken or something, but the one [livejournal.com profile] jadecat had worked for me, so I am finally here!

You have an adorable child in the icon, I saw in the comment he (she? forget now) is five months old.

I am currently residing in BC, but may be moving to Ontario, but still am on pins and needles tto hear if I get the apartment this time around or not... I've been waiting since January, so my butt is getting sore from sitting on the pins and needles this long.

I am job hunting since school finished for me last year, but holding it in case i move.

I love animals, mostly cats and dogs. I love reading and enjoying others lives.

I mostly do writer's blocks, rants about my life, question of the day, share new things I am learning, and life in general. On rare ocassions I will do memes, but prefer to talk about my life, and hearing people's comments and sharing and hearing discussions. My entries do alsodiscuss life with my severe disabilities as well.

From: [identity profile] eoywin.livejournal.com

My baby is a she :) Her name is Emily - though she has a lot of boy clothes because everyone thought she was going to be a boy *L*

I've added you :D
(deleted comment)

From: [identity profile] eoywin.livejournal.com

I don't care what religion (or lack therefore) anyone else is :) And I tend to cut any religious posts I make.

So, I'd added you :D

From: [identity profile] ihrtrpging.livejournal.com

Is it too late to get in on this friendzy? I was reading through Devoosha's lj and saw a link to your journal....

I see you also suffer from Migraines like Devoosha.. I had a roommate in college who had them, I know how hard they can be!

I added you... Friends??

From: [identity profile] nancymccoydfw.livejournal.com

Hi Mandy! I found you thru [livejournal.com profile] brandedeclipse. I'm a hard core geek and a migraine'er too. All about me is on my profile add me if'n u want. :-}