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That's terrible! Oh, honey, don't lose hope. I'm sending positive thoughts and hugs to you.

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So sorry.

When you feel up to it, go here... - it's a start.


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Not really, but I will be...

Hopefully the temp agency I went through for the job I had in the first place will be able to get me something. And I have an appointment with another temp agency Monday afternoon.

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yikes! What happened?

My nicole is having NO Luck with the stupid temp agencies!

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It was office politics - nothing that I did wrong. It still sucks :(

I just called one temp agency, and they didn't have anything right now. :(

I hope Nicole get some better luck too!

Luckily Todd is having to work tons of overtime, so we aren't hurting too bad, money-wise.

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yes it sucks.

We're good until Dec 13th. We both got p/t jobs. grrrr


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I could get a retail job... but I really don't want to go that route. Plus I don't want to have to work the day after Thanksgiving.

If I don't have another job by the monday after Thanksgiving though, I'll be going to retail shops.

For now, I'm saying I'm a stay at home wife, instead of unemployed *L*