Yes, I'm very late, but I just really started my Christmas shopping yesterday. Though I'm nearly finished since all I have to do is pick up a couple more things for Todd and I'm done.

I wanted to get Todd a DS, but I had some trouble finding any this morning. Wal-Mart, Game Spot and Target were all DS-less. But Target did have some Playstation 3's! That is a pretty sure sign that the PS3 isn't selling very good.

Todd did just point out that Blockbuster probably still has DS's, but I already spent waaay too much on him. I've gotten him two games (Marvel Alliances and Psychonots), and 4 discs of anime (1st disc of Burst Angel and 3 discs of Samuri Champloo). I'm going to get him a couple more things, but nothing super expensive.

Now I have to wrap presents and get the packages ready for family presents, so I can get them over to the UPS store, so there is some hope they will get them before Christmas.
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