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Thank you so much! I have received so much birthday love today and it's really made my soul swell with chocolatey goodness.

Hope your head gets some relief!

It was a beautiful Autumn day today. Also, you should be receiving your Serenity postcards and your UNICORN POO any day now. I'll give you the delivery confirmation number when I find my post office receipt. :)

Thanks again!

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No problem :D

I'm feeling a little better today... thanks!

Yay! I'll look forward to getting it... I'll probably send the postcard right back out. Hopefully we can make that difference and the sequel will be greenlighted!

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I missed your last few entries. How is Todd now doing? I hope he's home and well now. :-)

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He's been home since last Monday - he went back to work last Tuesday and is feeling fine.

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Good! I'm glad to read that! Did the doctors ever diagnose him with what was wrong?


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