I need to get back on the wedding bandwagon... I've kinda fallen off the wagon this week.

Before my dad's wedding I need to:

- Pick out a simple updo for his wedding

- Find where I packed my Bible and practice the verses my dad picked out for his wedding

- Look through the Wedding Verses book that was lent to me, and pick out some verses of my own

- Find the wedding cd I own, and pick out a processional and recessional

We are meeting with the pastor and our ceremony musicans the day after my dad's wedding, so I really need to be prepared.

And here's one last random bridal thought -

Whenever someone on my many wedding communities mentions that they are 18 or 19, part of me winces... I honestly haven't met anyone who is mature enough to be married at such a young age (though my parents did get married very young (19 & 20) but I didn't know them then)


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